William Floyd Alumni Association
An Incorporated 501c3 Organization
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In 2009, we were able to donate two-$250
scholarships, in 2010, we were able to donate
two-$500 scholarships, in 2011 we were able to
donate three-$500, and in 2012, we were able
to donate eight-$250 scholarships to William
Floyd graduating seniors. If you would like to
make a monetary donation* to the William Floyd
Alumni Scholarship Fund, please send us a
brief letter or note and a check or money order
made out to "William Floyd Alumni Association"
William Floyd Alumni Association
PO Box 536
Moriches, NY 11955

*Please note "scholarship fund" on the memo line
You can now donate online using Paypal! $5, $20, $50? Paypal is safe
and secure.

WFAA currently accepts donations to support our
, Scholarship Fund and general donations to support our
community, district and alumni initiatives.

If you are interested in making either a monetary donation, or
volunteering your time to one, please contact us. As of June 2010, the
William Floyd Alumni Association, Inc., was granted tax-exempt
501(c)(3) status.